Deepolis is a cross between a futuristic sci-fi game and a good old submarine adventure

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deepolis submarine ship combat strategy and tactics

Deepolis is yet another amazing browser MMO game from Bigpoint. Built on the PvP concept that saw the success of several action games like Sea Fight and Dark Orbit, Bigpoint now takes us into an exhilarating undersea adventure with Deepolis. A cross between a futuristic sci-fi game and a good old submarine adventure, Deepolis delivers amazing game play for online players' worldwide.

With commendable 3D graphics, Deepolis will take players deep under water on a futuristic submarine in a tantalising deadly universe. The aquatic civilisation features three factions that are at loggerheads with each other for control of the undersea wealth. With amazing PvP gaming possibilities, Deepolis has garnered thousands of players from around the world. Like other browser based games, Deepolis is free to play and easy to sign up for.

20,000 Leagues under the Sea

The entire adventure is located miles below the ocean surface. In this bleak futuristic tale, humanity has adopted colonies on the sea beds. Society has fractured into three units who are each struggling for supremacy in a violent civilisation.

Deepolis offers numerous quests for the budding sub adventurer. Each tests the player's unique skills and presents rare challenges. The thrilling part of the game involves competing with other players in PvP combats.

Deepolis like other browser games is fast and easy to register. There are no big files you need to download or install into your computer. You can log in and play this game from any computer and anywhere in the world. Being an MMORPG game, you are playing with thousands of others and there are plenty of opportunities to collaborate and team up with other like minded players.

The graphics are superior compared to other browser games which skimp on intricate visuals. There are some stunning animations such as the ability of subs to dive deeper into the waters along the z axis. This is one of the factors that make this an outstanding MMO game. It offers a surreal 3D environment that is mysterious and challenging at the same time. You will not find such a visual feast in other browser based MMO games.

Unlike other MMORPGs where you generally control a human like figure, in Deepolis you are represented by your sub which you control. As a sub commander, you get to make crucial decisions to safeguard your ship, its contents and crew. You keep a watch out for enemy fleets that may be patrolling the area where your sub is headed. You will need to master the skills of navigating and sea fighting to survive this game.

Quests give you the opportunities to learn the basics in the beginning. You collect experience points as you complete each quest. Collect as many awards as you can by completing the task that involve simple trading missions or encounters with certain NPCs.

A Dangerous Triangle

The Deepolis universe is made up three groups: the Nauts, the Scion and the Jahnfar. The Scion and Jahnfar are aggressive factions. They carry weapons and have well-equipped military to carry out attacks on one another. The Scion has very well defended subs with armour plating and excellent systems for defence. They are also an intellectual group.

The Jahnfar are well armed forces. Their ships are massive and they can carry many sophisticated weapons including sonic cannons. They are descended from Russian and Japanese armed forces. They are a belligerent race and will fight anything and anyone to grab oil from the sea bed.

These two factions are antagonistic towards each other, and will open fire any time the other comes within range. Obviously, they are not permitted to dock at any of the stations of their opponent.

The Nauts on the other hand are scientific researchers descended from Arctic races. They are neutral in the battle going on between the Scion and the Jahnfar. They will trade with either of these factions. They have subs that are properly equipped to defend themselves in case of any attack.

As a newbie, you might favour joining the Nauts, as they will not be coming under attack needlessly. Also, you will get a chance to dock in any station whatsoever, without fear. While the game play and environment is common for all factions, the relationships between players are affected by which group they are aligned with.

As a beginner, you are given a small sub which may be tiny in size but is well equipped for what it is supposed to do. This is also easily manageable for a new pilot such as yourself. Navigation and engaging in combat are difficult manoeuvres to master at first. As a newbie, you will suffer a lot of damage in attacks, but not to worry. It's easy to fix the damage and it's free too. You can also buy additional equipment for your sub to make it more battle ready. Later you can upgrade to a bigger and better sub.

You will find lots of information on each interface that puts you right into the game from the get go. There is also an informative tutorial that you take you through the paces as you become familiar with the controls and the environment of the game.

You select the faction which you wish to align with and will be transported to their unique game play. Don't worry too much about your choice of faction in the beginning as the game allows you to change sides for free up to the fifth level. It may be a good idea to switch around just to get a feel for the different playing styles.

Launch the Torpedoes!

The welcome page presents an overview with links to various menus for auctions, clans, shopping and other information. You can customise your avatar and your profile to put your individual mark on the game. On every page you will find a small chat window that will allow you to speak with fellow player while in the game. This provides a great outlet to share your experience or ask for help from more experienced members. You click the play game button to launch the actual game which opens up in another window.

Once you enter the game, you will be impressed by the deep sea theme prevalent in the game. While most other browser games rely on just text and static pictures to tell the story, Deepolis is an involved graphic experience. The graphics create an environment that is at once soothing and menacing. The ships are well designed and their animated movements are majestic and mighty. The three factions have their individual logos and the shape of their ships is also different.

You will be blown away by the layers and details that the designers have managed to fit into the game. The 3D effect is almost complete and creates a life like virtual atmosphere. You can feel every little wave as it undulates around the sub. The sea creatures have been created with an eye on detail. The colourful flora and fauna in the undersea environment seems like a page out of a travel brochure. You will find sharks and sea urchins gliding around coral reefs, while crabs scramble around the rocky sea bed.

The sound effects add to the real life experience. You can hear the sounds of waves and the hum of the sub's engines as it sails through the waters. The deep blue ocean heaves around you with sparkles of sun beams darting through the waves. You will see huge abnormal fish forms floating and swimming around which tell you you are in a strange land at an unknown time.

The controls of the game are basically mouse oriented. You just click to point and fire. To stop the ship, you can hit the space key on the keyboard.

The ship moves in a horizontal and vertical plane, as well as in the third dimension of depth that takes you deeper towards the ocean bed. You notice you're going deeper because the objects on the ocean bed become larger as you head towards them and smaller when you move away.

There are several adventure choices for you to accept. Just explore the beautiful 3D underwater environment to get a feel for the game. The map is vast and there are different kinds of levels to explore. You will find an amazing wealth of sights and sounds.

Grab some wreckage objects and broken crates from destroyed ships that you find floating around you. Some of these may carry useful pieces of cargo for you. When you feel bold enough, then get out into the danger zones and you will meet some opposing fleets head on.

Undersea Battles

Your initial sub is equipped with torpedoes and sonic cannons. Each weapon comes with different levels of ammunition from the weakest to the strongest. Of course, cost is a factor when choosing the type of ammo. You are assigned a few strong torpedoes for your fist foray.

Your first targets will be the sea monsters swimming around near your sub. You will need to shoot them down with your torpedoes. One of the tactics you can use against NPCs is by circling. You keep just enough distance from NPCs so that their ammo cannot reach you, while your torpedoes can hit them. Remember, if your ship is damaged, it reduces its effectiveness in battle.

You will accumulate experience points by destroying these monsters and get access to some cargo that can add to your possessions. You are also given certain quests to complete, which will add up to your experience while bringing you some surprising bonuses.

As you cross a certain number of points, you are promoted to a higher level where the quests become harder, but bring more points. There are over hundred levels in the game so it promises to hold your interest for a really long time. There are many quests to undertake at each level.

Fighting off monsters will deplete your ammunition, so you will need to periodically dock into some stations to buy some more. You can also sell some of your cargo you have salvaged at this station for money. Keep an eye on the menu which will tell you which objects are in the region because your sight within the deep sea is quite limited. This menu is helpful in telling you if you are near friendly stations or enemy posts.

Click on the nearest station icon in the menu, put your sub on autopilot and your ship will be guided effortlessly into the station. If you are a Scion, you cannot dock into a Jahnfar station and if you're a Jahnfar, you are not welcome anywhere near Scion territory. As a Naut you are free to dock in any station.

Arming the Subs

Selling your goods brings you one of two currencies that are prevalent in this universe: Celius and Helix. The first is readily available and is not as valuable as the second. You generally use Celius to buy equipment, ammo and other necessities. Helix is hard to come by and is used to buy higher level equipment. You can buy Helix for real cash in the premium shop. Helix is needed to upgrade your subs to special types when the time comes.

Celius can be gained through trading and by just navigating around and picking them up from certain spots. You will need both Celius and Helix to complete the game. In order to upgrade your cannons, for example, it will cost a large amount of Celius or Helix. You can exchange some of your Celius for Helix at the bank.

You can win Helix by destroying npcs, finishing some quests, etc. You need Helix to repair your damaged sub in later stages. But in the first stage, the repairs are free, so it's wiser to hold on to your Helix. You can instead spend these on upgrades to your sub, such as a speed turbine.

To acquire more Helix, it is necessary to just buy them through the bank on your dashboard. You can also buy a premium package or a starter kit which is a more economical way of getting more Helix. You can get 30,000 Helix for $12.99 or 75,000 Helix for $29.99. Packages come in a range from $35.99 to $59.99.

You will need to buy fuel on a continuing basis as this is an ongoing need of the sub. In fact, the deeper you dive, the more fuel you will be burning. Everything needs money, and the more you have of it, the further you can go in the game.

Click on the dry dock tab to go into the merchant market area. There is a range of weapons available here for you to equip your sub. There are sonic cannons, multiple torpedoes, hull armour and turbines in a range of types that you can buy. There is a variety of ammos to fit these weapons too, such as naval mines, depth charges and decoy devices.

Set Your Sights on Target

submarine ship attack in deepolis

When you are ready to take on other players, you can venture into the areas of the sea where the enemy fleets are patrolling. Attacking is as easy as pointing and clicking. Although not flash, the animations of the battle scenes are adequate to make an impact. Let loose your cannons and fire your torpedoes to sink your opponent's subs. You can watch the damage being inflicted in real time.

There are a few things to keep in mind when engaging in combat. Players who have amassed more wealth are assumed to be stronger in the game's logic. You should also be aware that certain weaponry is superior to others and the range of certain cannons is greater or smaller depending on the quality of the cannon. These strategic and tactical decisions will decide if you should challenge another opponent or not.

Bigpoint has used some successful concepts in games such as Dark Orbit, etc. which utilise the jackpot system and monthly competitions for real money. They have extended the same into Deepolis as well. You earn jackpoint points through the game for a whole month, and at the end of it, you get a chance to go head to head in a PvP combat. The winner of this combat is awarded real cash which is equivalent to the number of jackpot points in the player's possession, within a set limit. Of course, these are intense competitions and only the best of the best will survive to the final round. As a newbie, it will take you a while to rise above in the ranks to reach such a level.

There is also an auction system in Deepolis which is called Marina. This gives you a chance to bid on certain items that come under the hammer.

You can start of join a clan of players belonging to same faction in Deepolis. This gives you the opportunity to gang up and wage war on enemy fleets with united strength. You will find the forums are a rich source of information on which clans are looking for members. For a newbie, it is a good idea to join such a clan as it gives you an opportunity to interact with more experienced players and learn a few tips of survival from them. You will soon realize that being a lone wolf in these dangerous waters is a risky proposition.

Although the game play and certain concepts that are used here have been used by Bigpoint in other hugely popular browser games, Deepolis has an inherent charm about it that makes it stand apart from the rest. The thrilling underwater setting and the dangerous game play make it a very exciting game to play. It has an original twist to a familiar game structure. It doesn't cost you a cent to try this game so it's a shame to pass up. It will keep the newbie entertained as well the most advanced gamer completely engrosses.

Game Rating (out of 10) - 8

Playability (out of 10) - 7

A true MMORPG, Deepolis is easy to play, as its controls are mostly managed through the mouse. A few keyboard keys also aid in its game play. The menus are clearly marked and easy to follow.

Graphics/Visuals (out of 10) - 8

For a browser based game, Deepolis has amazing graphics, colours and sounds. The depiction of underwater scenery is realistic, the subs and creatures are drawn in detail. The animated sequences of the fleet attacks are well done.

Originality (out of 10) - 7

Although underwater adventures are abundantly available online, Deepolis brings a new twist to this genre. It has concepts used previously in other Bigpoint games such as Dark Orbit and Sea Fight, but the way it handles them in Deepolis is unique.

Game Detail (out of 10) - 9

Deepolis offers various options, such as quests, exploration, adventures, trading, auctions, PvP battles etc. that keep the players engrossed in a variety of ways. Several levels of promotion also challenge and intrigue players.

Storyline (out of 10) - 6

The background story of the futuristic civilization nicely sets up the game. It establishes the cast of characters and places the player in their midst. After that, it's up to the player to create his own story. This makes the game unending in scope, lasting as long as the player wishes to play.

Addictiveness (out of 10) - 9

Deepolis delights the senses with its intricate graphics, game play and action oriented environment. Players will find many reasons to keep coming back to the game, even if it is just to explore the magnificent depths of the ocean.

Longevity (out of 10) - 7

Deepolis can be played for a really long time as it is an unending saga of undersea adventure. The game has several levels and layers that will keep players engrossed.


Deepolis is one of the best browser games out there for MMORPG fans. A free game, it's a must try, just to experience how the creators have fully utilised the gaming environment in the confined browser game category. Deepolis has several layers to charm and intrigue players and guarantees a completely satisfying gaming experience.

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