See the Stars in "I Am Flying to the Moon"

I Am Flying to the Moon title screen

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Rating: 87%

I Am Flying to the Moon gameplay

I Am Flying to the Moon is a charming launch game which puts you in charge of  maneuvering a rocket. Initially, your rocket is made of wood, which is not very aerodynamic. You earn money for each attempt, which may be used for upgrades. If you keep improving your rocket, each launch you make will allow you to reach greater heights, bringing you closer to the moon.

The controls are keyboard-based. You have an option of using either the arrow keys or  the W, A, S or D set. If you're more comfortable using keys from either, you may do so as well. Maneuvering the rocket from side to side is done using the Left and Right Arrows or A and D. The booster is used by pressing the Up Arrow or W key. Turning the Engine off is done by pressing the Down Arrow or S key.

You will have to keep in mind that flying is not automated. Though you may have all the upgrades, there is still a chance not to reach your goal. Upon launch, you will encounter obstacles such as hot air balloons, helicopters, blimps and even rocks floating in space. Though hitting these will surely skew your course, you do not have to go down fast. Improving the Hull will help you endure more collisions. Placing points in the Increase Armor category decreases the damage your rocket sustains from colliding with objects. To reduce the number of surprise collisions, you may opt to improve your Radar. This will allow you to detect objects in advance so you can alter your course before getting bumped.

After you have ensured that your rocket won't turn turtle after one hit, you may want to improve its maneuverability. Attaching better Wings gives you better control. If you find that the wind keeps steering you in the wrong direction, you may want to reserve points for the Aerodynamic category. This reduces wind resistance so your rocket can handle even those strong gusts of wind.

Travelling to the moon is a test of both speed and endurance. The Fuel Tank and Fuel Dispenser work hand in hand to make your rocket last until you reach the stars. As for upgrading its speed, improving the Engine is essential for fast flying. Boosters add rockets so that the rocket can get a big push to gain speed more quickly.

And how exactly can you afford all of these easily? By using the Money Gain upgrade of course.

As you may have guessed, we give I Am Flying to the Moon's mechanics two thumbs up and put it on par with the Into Space 2 game for blast off value. You know what else we found great about this title? Its stellar graphics. The images look like they come straight out of a classy children's book. They are vibrantly colored, with subtle shading that ties everything together. The menus are neatly organized, with descriptions of items easily readable. Like we said, the overall effect is amazing.

If you are a fan of launch games and are looking to spend an afternoon mastering a game, we highly recommend playing I Am Flying to the Moon. Its mechanics are straightforward, with intuitive controls to match. With its sophisticated graphics, there is plenty of eye candy to fill you up. The only downside would probably be that it sometimes gets too relaxing, what with the whimsical audio. Regardless, one thing is for sure --a well made launch game such as this is a wonderful way to pass the time.